Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Table Cloth in Pocket

Recently the weather is getting hotter and as an environmental responsible person, I am bringing handkerchief with me all day, avoid using tissue paper.

Lately I got a freebie along with a magazine, which with fake pattern of dining table cloth.

It's 100% cotton and did not shrink after the torture of washing machine (usually I wash my handkerchiefs by hand)

I may also use it as a pocket square, cuz despite the heat wave I am still wearing my linen suit jacket, this little pattern thingy just as a bit fun to it.

I think stylish gentlemen across the world would not mind a lady like me joining their pocket square gang!


rebecca said...

definitely join the pocket square gang!!

fledgling said...

i love the last image of the denim blazer!

maxwell conrad