Wednesday, September 2, 2009

F/W Trends to follow?!

I was reading October Issue 《ViVi》 the other day, found this interesting list to share:

Nicole Richie's Closet Checklist:
Denim Vest > I will dig my mum's one out!!!!
Super Puff One-piece > mine is not SUPER puffy dolly, but do the same trick ;)
Leggings Pants > am I too tall for this?
Rider Jacket > Thanks bebe for getting me one in bright red checks!
Bracelets > got loads!
Knee-high boots > must find the balance between 《Pretty Woman》and mile-long-catwalk legs!
Booties > got yo!
Tweed Jacket > always looking for one.....
Studs One-Piece > shall i stud my current ones?
Studs Vest > I prefer my marching band version!

The so-called trends are not really that new to everyone, but pretty much a must-have tips for every girl's closet. Hope this winter is cold enough for me to wear my faux fur coat!

P.S. No offence, but Japanese people are really CRAZY about Nicole Richie, I saw many NR-wannabe in their street-style shoots.....

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